There is a specific requirement from client to use TFS, and we still prefer to use Git to manage the repository internally. However, apparently VS2013 has an issue with GIT, when GIT has been setup as repo, VS 2013 always use Git sittings. The only way I can make it work with TFS is to remove .get folder. It caused me many issues and I spent 2 days to find a solution. After researching online, I found there are two options:

Solution One

git-tf (https://gittf.codeplex.com/), but I am prefer the solution below:

Solution Two

1. Change .git folder to _git
2. Open commend ( type null >> .git)to create an empty .git file
3. Add gitdir: _git

Now you open visual studio 2013, it is connecting to TFS and soucetree is still working fine with the Git repo.