Follow this tutorial to simply setup and run your first MongoDB as service on window 8. Also you can find full details on mongoDB official website .

  • create custom mongod.conf file
Here is an example:
#where data files will reside
dbpath=C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Sitecore\data

#where the log file will be stored
logpath=C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Sitecore\log\mongo-server.log

#how verbose the server will be logging
  • run install command
mongd -f "[your mongod.conf path]" --install
This command is used for installing the mongodb as a service on your local machine with the settings written in the mongod.conf
  • run net command
net start mongodb
After this command, you will see a message as below
"The MongoDB service was started successfully"

NOTE: to create a MongoDB as server, you will need to run the command as Administrator, otherwise you may get an deny error.