Just a week ago, I attended Sitecore training.  Thanks to Deepend, my employer, for sending me to such an amazing course. Before the training, I have been working on Sitecore for nearly 5 years.  Always questioning, whether it’s still worth to attend. The answer is for sure with following reasons:

  • Sitecore certificate is prerequisite for many advanced courses, and for some of Sitecore partners, they provide free training to certified Sitecore developers.
  • To gain the best practices from Sitecore experts.
  • Certified developer can have access to Sitecore support portal.

The training took 4 days, and at the 4th day there was a certification exam. In total, there are 40 questions. To pass the exam, a minimum score of 70% is required.  I’m really happy that I passed the exam with a score of 95%. =P

David Newwman was our trainer. He talked through all the core functions and covered a lot of areas in both business and technical areas.   The training was absolutely legend, and it is a great step forward in the future career. I highly recommend to whom are interested in becoming Sitecore developer to take the course. 

Some improvement in Sitecore 8:

  • Versioned Layout

In the previous version, Sitecore doesn’t support version layout.  layout will be shared crossing different versions.  Now Sitecore added a new field called “Final Rendering Field” which allows presentation can be bersioned like content fro each item version (either numbered or language).


  • Federated experience manager

FXM is an application that allows you to track visitor interactions and generate analytics information on external, non-Sitecore websites with Sitecore

  • New UX & UI with a customizable dashboard


Also, here are some useful links for learning Sitecore: