Thanks Gruden for sending me to this great conference, It wasn’t too technical, but really inspired me with not only the improvements Sitecore have been working,  but the exciting vision that Sitecore has. I want to share some of the key points from today’s session for those that missed it.

What’s new

  • Sitecore Experience Accelerator

It provides reusable, templated UX layouts and components to help developers to speed up their development life cycle.

It is accessible directly from the experience editor, which allows you to drag-and-drop to the page easily.  It also offers import and export HTML features, which allows front-end developer to create more themes. You can find more details from www.Sitecore.net


  • Express Migration tool  1.0

The express migration tool supports migration of any version of Sitecore 7.2 to the initial release of the Sitecore 8.2.  You can download from here.


  • New Publishing service with significant performance improved

The new publishing service is build on .NET Core and works only with 8.2. It’s an optional replacement for the existing Sitecore publishing engine.  It provides much faster publishing service, which offers greater data consistency and reliability. Once the publish service is installed it will automatically replace the existing publishing engine.

You can find the installation here.


  • New EXM 3.4 (combined campaign management with email experience management)


  • New Sitecore Commerce

As we known, Sitecore commerce has three models Sitecore commerce , Sitecore commerce connect, and  Sitecore commerce server. Sitecore is going to reduce the complexity and provide an all-in-one service.

  • New Sitecore Dynamics

Offering a seamless experience between online and brick-and-mortar channels, Sitecore Commerce powered by Microsoft Dynamics lets retailers analyse and personalize online experiences from the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) in real time, while also delivering advanced back-office capabilities from Microsoft Dynamics, like support for loyalty programs, gift cards, call centre management, and order management.


In future versions, forms capabilities will be built in and supercharged.