Umbraco allows you to write a custom converter for the datatype, so as to you can use strong type object. For example the standard Umbraco Core "Content Picker" stores a nodeId as String type. However if you implement a converter it could return a IPublishedContent object.


What is Property Value Converter

A property value converter converts a property editor database stored value to a strong type. The converted value can be accessed from MVC Razor or any other Pulished Content API, defined by Umbraco.

How to create a custom property converter

Here is an example to convert RelatedLink value into a IList<RelatedLink> object.

RelatedLink object looks like this



Implement custom converter RelatedLinksPropertyConverter by inheriting from PropertyValueConverterBase, and IPropertyValueConverterMeta. The custom converter looks like this


NOTE: the custom converter need to follow name convention  [DateType]PropertyConverter